Going The Distance – Craig Featherby









We regularly feature one of the Sportlink team for a Q&A. 

To kick-off the New Year it's Craig Featherby.


When did you first start to run?

I had been running for as long as I remember, what with growing up around it so much, it was just always part of my lifestyle. However, I didn’t find my passion for running up until age 14. I was fully focused on football until I discovered a love for running on the track.

What do you find to be the most rewarding thing about running?

I enjoy feeling healthy. It is also great knowing in my mind that my body inside is in good shape.

What’s your biggest running achievement?

I am proud to still hold the record for 800 metres at Hellesdon High school which I set whilst racing at the Norfolk school’s athletics in 2013.

What in the world motivates a person to run long distance?

Personally, I am yet to do a marathon, so I cannot say exactly, but it is something I aim to achieve in the future. The motivation behind that for myself is to

What kinds of things do you think about as you run?

Whilst I run I am trying not to think. I see it as time to get away from any stresses

One the day of the big race…how are you feeling? Are you performing any superstitious rituals (like wearing the same unwashed socks you trained in for months)?

A mixture of nerves and excitement. I have no rituals, I just like to feel 100% prepared. This just means I’m planning my meals days before and ensuring my most comfortable kit is clean and ready on the day so I will have nothing to panic about on the day.

What’s your favourite running shoe?

Currently the ON Cloudace. It’s something which still comes into a fast a light category but provides a great level of cushioning and absorption.

Who’s your running hero?

Neil Featherby

What’s the best thing about working at Sportlink?

I get to work in a friendly environment meeting a large range of new people everyday all with something in common – an interest in running.