2019 – New Year New You

New Year…New You!

Every year thousands of people take up exercise, particularly running by way of a means to get fit and of course fit in with their New Year resolutions. This is fantastic and something we are Sportlink are fully behind. However, we also advise that each person really should follow a plan which is carefully designed to  fit in with their current level of fitness and lifestyle.

For some they will unfortunately give it up before the end of January through either doing too much too soon and becoming over whelmed by it all, or in many cases they will get hurt and have to stop. With this in mind we strongly recommend the wearing of a high quality pair of running shoes which is fitted for each person’s own individual requirements.

We fully understand that many beginners and those new to running will not want to go over board and spend a lot of money on something which they may not continue with, but at Sportlink, you can not only be assured that we will help you find the correct footwear, we will also do our very best to do so at a price which fits in with your budget. At the same time you can also ask us for any other running advice which will help you on your way towards a great New Year and most importantly a great New You throughout 2019.