Monthly Archives: December 2018

The benefits of a well balanced diet

                A well balanced diet containing all the essential nutrients is a must for all those who take their running seriously. There are lots of fads and myths about foods, special diets and supplements which will allegedly improve performance, but just like training, if you haven’t got the…
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2019 – New Year New You

New Year…New You! Every year thousands of people take up exercise, particularly running by way of a means to get fit and of course fit in with their New Year resolutions. This is fantastic and something we are Sportlink are fully behind. However, we also advise that each person really should follow a plan which…
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Winter Running Tips

                As soon as the clocks go back and the darkness of night out weighs that of the light of day along with a drop in temperature, for many this is off putting when it comes to finding the motivation to open the door and take those first…
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