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It's the countdown to the Virgin Money London Marathon this Sunday.

Today we feature seasoned runner Craig Bowen-Jones who is coached by Neil Featherby and asked him 3 questions ahead of the big day.

With just 4 days to go, how’s your training been going and how do you feel right now about Sunday?

Training been great and fingers crossed it should be another good run.
How do I feel right now? umm... a bit tired as in the middle of a 24 hour carb depletion.

And how do I feel for Sunday? In a funny way I can not wait to get to the start line and the gun to go off. It has been a long 4 months training and especially over the last 2 months. The anti has gone up and Neil has pushed me harder than ever before but in a funny way I really enjoy pushing myself in each session especially when you reap the rewards when you cross the finish line with another PB (fingers crossed)

On the morning of the race, what routine and rituals will you go through the few hours before the start?

Nothing special really, I have breakfast with porridge which I have all the time before my long runs. On the coach journey to the start which is about 1 hour, I don't speak to anyone and just put my headphones on and listen to music. At the start about 1 hour before I would get changed into my running gear, vest, shorts, socks and trainers and put the Vaseline on in the appropriate places. After that 1 strong black coffee with a sugar. And that’s it bar trying to get as much pee out before I go into the start pen.

What will be going through your mind on the start line?

I will normally be saying to myself “Jonesy don’t go off to fast and keep to the pace Neil said”
As well as that, I try and persuade my bladder that it doesn't need another pee.

Craig's running for TheFeed this year and we all wish him a great run.
If you would like to sponsor him here's the link.
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Tomorrow we'll be featuring Stephen Gibbs from Sportlink as he gives us his insight into his training and how he feels about the big day.