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Inspirational Friends of Sportlink

Dave Reading was a big smoker who turned to endurance sport after worrying about his health. He'll be lining up for the Bournemouth Marathon when this issue is on the shelves.
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Tips to Tackle Christmas Training and Eating!

Season’s greetings ! For me personally, Christmas has always been a good time to get a hard block of training in; I’m on holiday, I can do more running off-road in the light and I have more time for rest and recovery. That said, I don’t have any small children of my own to jump…
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New Year Inspirations and Inspirational People!

As I was walking to work very recently it suddenly dawned on me that it was 5 years to the day that I first visited Sportlink Running & Fitness and bought my first proper pair of running shoes. It made me reflect how different my life is now compared to back then. I first ventured…
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